Ho! Ho! Ho!

About Curly Claus

What Makes Curly Claus Happy


Curly Claus has always loved the magic of children at Christmas

Jingles The Elf Bear makes everyone happy

Oh! and COOKIES!!

Curly Claus Has Broad Experience


  • 'Selfies With Santa' on many occasions at a large retailer
  • Customer appreciation event for a wealth management company
  • VIP party at a casino
  • Employees party at a large downtown hotel
  • Photographs with families at a golf club
  • Large family party with small children including singing together around the piano
  • Donor celebration for children's charity 
  • Christmas Eve with small children at a family celebration

Getting to Know Curly Claus


  • Curly Claus took professional training at the Professional Santa Claus School in Denver Colorado (see download below)
  • Curly Claus had a thorough national background check with no negative reports (see download below)
  • Curly Claus is insured (see download below)
  • Curly Claus is a member of International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas

Get Curly Claus!

Celebrate with Curly Claus

Curly Claus is Based in Seattle

The sleigh goes most anywhere when expenses are compensated

Curly Claus and Your Family

  • Celebrate Christmas with Curly Claus in your home
  • Create and share a family Christmas portrait with Curly Claus
  • Especially wonderful for small children year after year

Curly Claus and Your Company

  • Celebrate with Curly Claus at your company holiday party
  • Strengthen customer relationships with Curly Claus at your customer recognition event
  • Encourage shoppers with Curly Claus greetings (and maybe selfies!)
  • Promote your company with Curly Claus via marketing and branding

Get Curly Claus!

Get Curly Claus!

Please ask for Curly through Live-Wires booking agency

Or call the Live-Wires booking agency by clicking:

206 526 5483

Curly Claus Charitable Appearances

To request a charitable appearance please be sure to describe how your charitable or non-profit community event

  • Allows ten to twenty deserving children to spend time with Santa Claus at no cost.
  • Provides a photographer and photographs at no cost 
  • Raises money or gifts for these and/or other deserving childre

Charitable Appearance Request Form